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Full Name: Black, Billy

Status: Quileute - Human

Date of Birth:
1950’s ?

Originally from: Forks – LaPush area

Hair color: Black (TW11)

Eye color: Black (TW11)


Physical description: Heavyset, heavily wrinkled face, russet skin (TW11) He sits in a wheelchair.


Family members: Jacob is his son. His two twin daughters are Rachel and Rebecca. His wife, Sarah, is deceased.

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Fishing (TW1)

Personal history: Billy Black is a direct descendant of Ephraim Black, who was the last chief of the Quileute Indians. (NM7) He is one of Charlie Swans’ best friends. The two go fishing together rather frequently. When Billy’s illness left him crippled and in a wheelchair and unable to drive, Charlie bought Billy’s old Ford truck and gave it to Bella to drive. (TW1)

Billy seems rather superstitious and knows more about the Cullens than he tells his son, Jacob. He warns Bella several times not to be with the Cullens (TW17) and even sends Jacob to the prom to tell Bella to break up with her boyfriend (TW Epilogue). Billy has tried to impress on his son the legends of the “cold ones” but it still comes across as fables.

After the Cullens leave the Forks area, Billy helps his son adjust to life as a werewolf. He tries to keep Bella away from Jacob at first(NM11), but once Bella learns the truth about Jacob and the other members of the tribe, Billy is very supportive and open with Bella.

CREDITS: Twilight Lexicon

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