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Post  masen_racheez06 on Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:32 am

In the Stephenie Meyer novel “Twilight,” many scenes compete for the most romantic moment, but many agree that the winner is when Edward Cullen sits down at a piano and plays a heartfelt song written for his love Bella.

With the film version on its way, an army of fans have been lobbying Meyer and director Catherine Hardwicke on the songs they think should be used as “Bella’s Lullaby.” Now, we finally have an answer – and as life imitates art, it should get Twilighters squealing in anticipation.

“Yes, it does exist in the movie,” Kristen Stewart told me while I was interviewing her and Robert for the article that just went live here, on the topic of “Bella’s Lullaby.” “And cutely enough, Rob is writing it on the piano as we speak.”

For those unaware, Robert Pattinson has a musical background; as such, Hardwicke has asked the 21-year-old to come up with an original composition. “I was doing music before I started acting, so I still have bits and pieces, and I’ve been playing in Portland [during the shoot],” he revealed. “I’ve been trying to write an album for years and years.”

“I told him he should write one, and let’s see if we can make it work, because that would be really cool if it was Rob’s song,” Hardwicke said of the lullaby. “He’s a beautiful musician, a very creative soul, very similar to Edward. He just totally reads the most interesting stuff, and sees the most interesting movies, and is very introspective and diving into his existential self.”
When I interviewed Meyer separately, she was delighted but surprised by the news. “That’s something I didn’t know,” she admitted. “I’ve never heard him play, so it’s kind of hard to say [whether his lullaby will be as I imagined it]. If it worked out right, it would be really cool.”

“He can play piano, so it’ll be great,” Stewart promised. “It’s going to be really good.”

In fairness, however, Hardwicke said she can’t commit to Pattinson’s song until he presents her with the finished product. “Maybe Rob’s song will win the contest,” she cautioned. “Or, maybe another song will.”

Meyer might welcome that scenario, as the author/music lover said she’d always hoped the gig could go to the lead singer for her beloved band, Muse. “Personally, I don’t think anybody could do a better job than Matthew Bellamy, because he is an amazing composer and his instrumental stuff is just the way Edward should play, because its so complicated,” Meyer observed. “It almost sounds like you’d have to have two people playing to get that level of sound. So, that would be my favorite.”

“But,” she added, keeping an open mind, “If Robert could write a lullaby, that would definitely add to some of the mystique of the movie, wouldn’t it?”

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APRIL 22, 2008!!!

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