If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie...

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If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie... Empty If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie...

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If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie.

Chapter One: I’m kinda busy, can you like ‘shoo’?

“Can you like be more careful! You’re gonna break my 5-hour work!” I shouted at my brother Lyle, who is only ten. I mean, I’ve worked hard on that physics project and there is no way he is gonna destroy it. Five hours! We are talking about five hours here!

“But it’s just rings.” Lyle said.

“Lyle, it’s not rings, man. It’s an AC Generator.” I explained.

“What’s an AC Generator?” he asked curiously.

“An AC Generator is a—”

“Come on kids. Get in the car!” Dad shouted from outside.

“You’ll never understand anyway, man.” I sighed and grabbed my backpack and carefully held the AC Generator in my hands as I made my way to our minivan. I placed it carefully at the back of the car and then I climbed in the front seat.

“Isn’t it exciting, kids?” Dad asked showing some excitement as he buckled his seatbelt then we pulled off. Poor Dad, he’s the one being happy with the first-day-of-school thing while his kids are the one who’s actually going to school plus the ones who aren’t even excited.

“Dad, it’s the usual first-day-thing. Plus I already have a project!” I groaned.

“Well, don’t worry about that, honey. It’s not always easy being a smart kid, eh?” he smiled.

I forced a smile.

“Maybe you can finally get yourself a boyfriend, Ghislaine!” Lyle teased, who was seated at the back.
“Shut up, moron!”

“Now, G. Haven’t I told you about calling your brother foul names?” Dad warned.

I rolled my eyes.

My Dad dropped me in Brianne’s High School, as soon as I climbed down the car and kissed Dad goodbye, I grabbed my AC Generator at the back and made my way into the school campus.

I was walking fast towards the Physics room to submit my project which was given to me by our professor in summer for me to gain some added points. As I was walking there, I suddenly bumped into someone that made my project slipped in my hands.

“No!!” I screamed.

But it was, thank God, caught by a boy my own age, who I don’t even know of.

“I believe you ‘dropped’ this.” He smiled as he held out my project—carefully.

“Thanks—dude.” I managed to smile.

Then I went inside the room to give it to my professor.

“This is really great, Ghislaine.” Mr. Knof complimented.

“I worked on it for five hours, actually.” I informed, so that I’ll be more appreciated here, you know.

Mr. Knof lowered his eyeglasses. “Really? Then I should give you more credits for doing this.”

“Thank you, sir.” I smiled.

“Someone seems to be waiting for you outside.” He frowned.

I turned my head towards the door and I saw the boy who caught my project.

“Actually, he was the one who saved my generator. I dropped it.” I said feeling guilty.

“Well, then, give that boy my thanks, too.”

“Certainly, Mr. Knof.” I turned around and walked towards the door. “Mr. Knof said thank you, for, you know, what you did just now.” I said awkwardly. Hello? Talking to a stranger here.

“Oh that. Sure.” He smiled again then he was staring at me.

I shook my head and made my way to the hallways again. I can’t be late for Government Class!

“Wait!” someone called out.

I turned around and saw the total-stranger-who-saved-my-project.

“WHAT?” I asked almost shouting. Dang! I’m actually being mean to him when actually he didn’t do anything bad. “I mean, what?” I said sounding so nice.

“I don’t know your name.” he simply said.

I sighed. “I’m Ghislaine Finley.” Then I smiled.

He smiled crookedly and said, “I’m Edward Cullen.” Then he held out his hand.

I took it and shook it. “Nice meeting you, Edward.”

“Likewise, Ghislaine.”

“Thanks for the lil chat and al, but I’m kinda late for my class.” I said sounding so disappointed that we have to end out meeting slash chatting sort of thing.

“Oh, I see. Well then. See you around.”

I smiled and walked away.

OMG! What was that all about? THAT dude—Edward Cullen—is totally weird. Neutral

If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie... Twilight-3
If you ask me if I like him, I’d Lie... Tc5
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