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Post  cathrelLOVESedward on Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:17 am

It really started with Cathrel's [cathrelLOVESedward] idea to make a forum about Twilight because she have only read Twilight then and well, same as everybody, she got hooked. It all started out as a joke but then it turned out to be not. Razz

It was on June 14, 2008 when we created this site. Smile There was Joey [[chrosenangel[zevampire] to help Cathrel that afternoon so both of them started constructing it, making a whole afternoon of nonstop work.

Then that same afternoon, Jobel [jobelalalalala.] was online! and poof, she helped us same with Rachelle [masen_racheez06]. It was, as i have said an all-afternoon nonstop work constructing the site and make everything look great.

All of us Admins, got to say that it totally paid off anyway.. Very Happy bounce i mean, look at our site now!!!

On the first day there were only seven members, then it people started registering and all... we were happy about it that there are also other poeple there who reads Twilight and are interested to be part of this forum. Very Happy

Our goal actually for the first month was only 40 members but we were happy that we have 56 members by the end of the month! cyclops cyclops woah! talk about a lot... pirat

For the name "The Cullenists" it was Rachelle's i dea because she doesn't like "Cullens" or "Cullenians" lol! lol! well because of her, we got "The Name" haha...

Is it necessary that people who joins here should ONLY like the Cullens? NO. People who LIKES/LOVES the Twilight series should join. It's just the name of the site,you know, just to make it more ehem... unique. NERD!

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